About Krueleco

Krueleco is the expression of Occultus Parn Diam. Krueleco plays black harsh noise: harsh noise sounds in the vein of the japanese noise masters mixed with the spirit of black metal.
The purpose is to mix both sounds and aesthetics to obtain a new level of sickness. Analogic synth abuse, feedback, junk noise, effects, heavy and frenzy rhythms, screams, collapsed into a pagan vortex. True primitive sonic rites from a servant of Chaos.

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The new tape is out on Hiisi productions:


teaser here:

The sound is sculptured with synth, drum machine, metal noises and amplified broadband signals

New tape is coming E19W12C12

The new tape will be relased by Hiisi Productions. 20 Minutes of magmatic sounds. For more info:


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